1€ = 1 PLANT

Your donation will contribute in buying plants, the production of soil and compost. KeNako asbl. already financed the formation of 10 volontary gardeners who have planted the first seeds in 2022. To be able to continue this sustainable project we need your support.


An ambitious project to individually help the 40 orphans of Fikelela Center. For more than 10 years KeNako asbl. supports the Fikelela Children's Center with a global annual donation which is used to increase the nutritional budget of the center.

By sponsoring a child individually you will contribute considerably to improve the child's quality of life. Your donation will be used to cover his school fees, his medical and nutritional expenses as well as all his leisure activities. All of course while maintining the child's complete anonymity.

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Team Dan Leiner is on the road again to support Kenako's projects.

The 2023 challenges :

- February > Crossing Atlas Marocco on gravel-bike (Dan)
- April > Eroica South Africa by bike (Dan)
- Mai > ING Night Marathon Luxembourg (Dan & Renée)
- June > Eroica Italie by bike (Pasquale)
- September > Roeser-Turi by bike (Dan & Pasquale)
- October > Ultra Marathon in Jordanie (Dan & Renée)

KeNako asbl. wishes them good luck and perseverance to succeed in all of these 6 events.

YOU can support Team Daniel Leiner in their efforts and in the same time our project by making a donation directly to our bank account below or by clicking on the button "DONATE" on your left.

KeNako asbl. : BCEELULL
LU22 0019 3455 1443 5000

Many thanks in advance!!!

Dan Leiner Support KeNako



KeNAKO … Now is the right time.

The soccer World Cup 2010 is over and South Africa has returned to its daily challenges. A destroyed social fabric leftover from a colonial past leaves the children of the townships vulnerable and exposed to the ills of society. Can a privileged society draw on its humanity and develop an active interaction with the previously disadvantaged population of South Africa’s townships?

Can we learn to share in projects in close cooperation with the local population? Here are some questions a group of soccer fans asked themselves : they were triggered by their meeting with locals of various background during the few weeks spend in Cape Town on the occasion of the World Cup.

In has thus been possible to better appreciate the particular needs of the youth in the townships particularly when it comes to nutrition, sport, culture, and basic equipment.

We decided to establish KeNako, a non-profit association to fill the gaps for the youth in these districts.

"Ke Nako" means "time has come" in three of the South African indigenous languages : Sesotho, Setswana and Sepedi.


We are people from various social backgrounds who were deeply moved by the spirit of the South African people. We have decided to act by helping the disadvantaged children of the townships of Cape Town.
KeNako is a non-profit organization registered under Luxembourgish law since November 4th 2010. Registration number : R.C.S. Luxembourg F8522. Our articles of association are available in French in the following PDF document. KeNako's head office is situated in
L-1845 Luxembourg 27, Bd. G-D. Joséphine Charlotte.

Presentation Fikelela

Active board members :

  • Mike Frantz, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), president
  • Dr. Denis Allard, Cape Town (South Africa), vice-president
  • René Kollwelter, Luxembourg, secretary
  • Patricia Briscolini, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), treasurer
  • Laurence Calmes, Luxembourg, board member
  • Aldo Catani, Luxembourg, board member
  • José Frantz, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), board member
  • Jacques Arnold, Remich (Luxembourg), board member
  • Jean-Marc Stauder, Altwies (Luxembourg), board member
  • Chantal Wagener, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), board member
  • Jean-Claude Wagener, Schengen (Luxembourg), board member
  • Lora Wagener, Reno (USA), board member
  • Lynn Wagener, Reno (USA), board member


Our goals are to help by providing nutritional meals to children, and setting up infrastructures to facilitate education, sports and culture.


We will organize fundraising events, collect donations in our respective countries to help diverse projects in and around the townships of Cape Town.
For this purpose we have built partnership with local NGO’s and other organizations. Several board members live and work in Cape Town and will ensure the follow-up of the different projects.

Mandela kids