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2015 : Annika Schmit, from Luxembourg, worked for 3 month as a volunteer in South Africa and especially at the Fikelela project in Khayelitsha

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2015: Anna Thomassen, born in Norway and living in Luxembourg, supported for 5 weeks the Fikelela Children's Home, KeNako's project in Khayelitsha (Cape Town).


Anna Thomassen From Anna's blog:

Children coming and going

"One of the most special moments for me was when children came or left Fikelela. There were two children where this really touched me deep.

There was one day when I was allowed to sit with Dr. Jenny through the registration process of a child coming in to Fikelela. Like I explained before, the child didn’t have much with her, not even her immunization card. The girl had been taken away from her mom because her mom had not given her the required medication to treat her HIV/AIDS. She had been malnourished and had been at a hospital for a while. When she came to Fikelela, she was in a much better state. Since I had been in the room while the doctor had examined her, she quickly got very attached to me. So I was to take her outside and help her get to know some children. She was quite shy and scared at first, but I finally got her to play with some other girls. She started out by eating her dinner by herself, ending up at the back of the dinner queue, and she would cry a lot. But after 1 week at Fikelela, it was if she had lived there forever. It didn’t take long for her to integrate, but just thinking of her story, and how she ended up at Fikelela, really was touching."

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arrivee Welcome to Anna Thomassen in Cape Town by Ed & Heather Scott from Via Volunteers together with KeNako's president Mike Frantz



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Our partner in South Africa : ViaVolunteers – Volunteer in Africa

ViaVolunteers was established to support non-profit community, conservation & wildlife projects in South Africa through the provision of affordable, rewarding volunteer placements for international volunteers.
They work with sustainable long term projects that are developed through genuine community and conservation needs to ensure that a volunteers' contribution is meaningful and long lasting.
Via Volunteers are based in South Africa and maintain regular personal contact with all their project partners. Each and every project has been personally vetted by the Via Volunteers team, and they work hard to ensure that the information provided for volunteers is both comprehensive and up to date, so that volunteers can make an informed decision about joining one or more of their projects.
With more than 10 years’ experience organizing project placements for thousands of volunteers from more than 50 countries, the Via Volunteers team is well placed to provide volunteers with a high quality volunteering experience that will exceed expectations.
Via Volunteers has set the standard for volunteer work in South Africa. It is for this reason that KeNako has chosen Via Volunteers as its partner for the Fikelela Children's Home project.

Why not you ?

You can apply to join the Fikelela Children's Home project if you are aged 18 years or older, can commit to four weeks or more, and have a passion for helping children. Visit the Via Volunteers web site today or contact them on:

What other volunteer projects can I help with?

Via Volunteers offer a wide range of wildlife, conservation and community based projects in South Africa. You will find full details of costs and minimum durations for these projects on their web site.
·         Fikelela Children's Home - Educational Enrichment
·         Nazareth House - Support role
·         Nazareth House - Caring for Children and the Elderly
·         St. Georges Home for Girls
·         Extreme Makeovers for Children's Homes
·         African Penguin and Seabird Rehabilition
·         Great White Shark & Marine Conservation
·         Rhino Orphanage & Conservation
·         Natures Valley Conservation & Education
·         Natures Valley experience
·         Reptile Conservation & Education
·         Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation
·         Elephant and Rhino Monitoring Project

What's included?
Your volunteer fee includes everything you need for getting to and from your project, so you won't have any hidden extras to organise yourself. Once you have landed in Cape Town or Johannesburg, everything else is taken care of. Your airport transfers, pre-project accommodation and transport will have been booked and confirmed in advance of your arrival, so you can relax and enjoy your journey to South Africa. Depending on which project you book, your fee will also cover accommodation, meals, transport and placement fees.
Via Volunteers are so confident that you won't find a better combination of value and service elsewhere, that they offer a Price Guarantee with every booking. If you can find a similar experience for less, they will match it.
South Africa is the perfect destination offering a vibrant mix of culture, 'really wild' wildlife, warm & friendly people, sunshine, spectacular scenery, beaches and an endless variety of unique experiences and adventures to suit every taste and pocket.
Please contact ViaVolunteers for more information :