29/06/2022 : After the flooding Anganathi's home was completely destroyed. This 10 years old little boy who was our main actor during the video shooting for LoveSA had no more place where to stay. So KeNako asbl. took the initiative to raise funds to built him and his family a new shack including new beds and furniture.

KeNako Anganathis new shack

17/06/2022 : RALPH DISEVISCOURT alias "DIZZY" joined KeNako asbl. to support our "URBAN FARMING PROJECT" in Khayelitsha. Ralph Diseviscourt supports our "Urban Farming Project Khayelitsha" while he is biking 2600km, 40000m ascending elevation through France during the "Race Across France" starting today. He will be accompanied by a team of 7 people including Dan Leiner, his personal osteopath. Thanks a lot and good luck. 

As the Trans Siberian Race has been cancelled due to the actual war between Russia and the Ukraine, it has been replaced by 3 different events where our extreme sportsman from Luxembourg will take part : 

Race Across Belgium 1000km - 10000hm
Race Across France 2600km - 40000hm
6-12-24 Hours World Time Trial, Borrego California


Urban Farming Project Ralp Diseviscourt KeNako support

09/03/2022 : Start of the first challenge of 4 : Crossing Morocco on gravelbike 1100km by Dan & Renée Leiner to support our Urban Farming Project in Khayelitsha

KeNako asbl. support by Dan & Renée Leiner

 CHALLENGES 2022 to support our Urban Farming Project by Renée & Daniel Leiner in association with extreme sportsman Ralph Diseviscourt

Challenges 2022 Dan Leiner Kenako asbl.Challenges 2022 Dan Leiner Kenako asbl.


29/11/2021 : Article published in the newspaper "Luxemburger Wort" about Daniel & Renée Leiner supporting KeNako's "URBAN FARMING PROJECT" in Khayelitsha : "On the way for charity" (Read the whole article, in German)


Dan Leiner Charity KeNako asbl. 

25/11/2021 : All scheduled events to support the "URBAN FARMING PROJET" have been completed by Daniel & Renée Leiner in 2021.


Project Events Daniel Leiner

15/11/2021 : The Green Guerillas Teams raised 5200.-€ to support the "URBAN FARMING PROJECT" in Khayelitsha. Many thanks to the riders and huge congratulations for their performances.

Cape Epic Team Lux

17-24/10/2021 : Green Guerrillas Teams Luxembourg participated at the 2021 Cape Epic Race in South Africa to raise funds for KeNako's "Urban Farming Project".

Cape Epic Team Lux

21/04/2021 : HELP and SUPPORT to Cape Town's FIREFIGHTERS and the SPCA Animal Protection

Kenako Help Fire Cape Town

30/10/2020 : Planting seeds - The new gardeners are ready to start after their training.

Urban Farming Project

22/06/2020 New project : URBAN FARMING in Khayelitsha

KeNako Urban farming project

KeNako Urban farming project

Fund raising for families during COVID-19. Fundraising for families in distress in the township of Khayelitsha. Thanks to donations of 5000.-€ from Rotary "Junglinster & Syrdall" KeNako was able to support 140 families in a first phase. Many thanks for this generosity.

Rotary donation KhayelitshaRotary donation Khayelitsha



Since 31st of March for an undefined period...

On March 26st 2020 the south african governement declared a nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemie. Only a few days later KeNako asbl. appealed for funds via its Facebook page and emails to help families in urgent needs, especially in the township of Khayelitsha next to Fikelela Children's Centre, the main project of KeNako asbl.

KeNako's aim is to help out families with urgent needs like food and electricity. Fortunately KeNako asbl. can rely on Loyiso Mfuku, a local guide and entrepreneur, whom we know throughout many guided Khayelitsha walking tours since 2012. He has the right connections to the community leaders and was immediately willing to help us with the coordination and distribution of the grants.

Together we decided on the following criterias to qualify for a financial help from KeNako asbl :

- None of the family members must be employed during lockdown

- Preferable elderly people or women being in charge of children

- Families haven't received the governmental grant or any other help from other associations and NGO's

Lockdown SA KeNako asbl. Loyiso Mfuku from Khayelitsha Travel, our precious help together with a vulnerable family in Khayelitsha

2-14/5/18 : Exibition by Elsa-sculteur at Cercle Münster in Luxembourg. The art piece called "Protea" will be sold for benefit of KeNako asbl. 

Elsa sculpteur

23/04/2018 : Donation of 3000.-€ from Asbl. Kayl/Téiteng Hëlleft, handed over to our representatives Renée & Daniel Leiner during the ceremonie in Kayl.

Don Kayl/Téiteng Hëlleft

 - 22/10/2017 Fund Raising Project RUN4KIDS "4 EVENTS - Mir laafen fir d'Kanner", an initiative by Renée & Daniel Leiner to raise funds for the kids of Fikelela Children's Home. Each stage has been performed with brio !!!

Mir laafen fir d'Kanner vun Fikelela

- 22/10/17 : Fund raising events : RUN4KIDS Challenge n°4 : Run the most difficult race at Ile de la Réunion (France) the "La Diagonale des Fous". 168km in one stage.


- 10/06/17 : Fund raising events : RUN4KIDS Challenge n°3 : 1100km long distance drive by bike from Dudelange (Luxembourg) to Cattolica (Italy) accomplished by Renée & Daniel


- 28/05/2017 : First "Journée des Associations de Bienfaisance" organized in Bergem at the Culturel Centre "Beim Nëssert" with the participation of KeNako asbl. 

Journée de Bienfaisance à Mondercange

- 26/4/2017 : Fund raising events : RUN4KIDS Challenge n°2 - Renée & Daniel Leiner climbing up the Island Peak 6200 meter high Everest-mountain in Nepal


- 19/3/2017 : Fund raising events : RUN4KIDS Challenge n°1 - 225km run from Netanjao to Jerusalem + the Jerusalem marathon (Israel). Renée & Daniel Leiner at the arrival

Run4Kids Jerusalem Marathon

- 10/03/2017 : Just in time before the first challenge :  the new sport-shirts handed over in Schengen to Renée & Daniel Leiner, in presence of KeNako board members.


- 3 MARS 2016 : Cape Town, South Africa, Artistic achievement in order to embellish the inner courtyard of the centre. The murals have been realized by french artists Koralie, Supakitch and Little Madi from Biarritz, a documentation video has been produced by the photographer Boris Frantz. (

Video Fikelela Boris Frantz

- 27-28 JUIN 2014 : Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, Kulturfabrik, participation at Festival Africa

Afrika festival 2014


- 3 & 16-17 MAI 2014 : Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, Musée de la résistance, participation at the Nelson Mandela exhibition "From prisoner to president"

Mandela exhibition Nuit de la Culture au Luxembourg

 APRIL 2014

- 28 APRIL 2014 : Luxembourg, donation of 2000€ by "Lions CLub Luxembourg Amitié" 

Lions Club Luxembourg


- 17/12/2013 : Kehlen - Luxembourg, donation of 2000€ by "Maison de relais" Kehlen.


JUNE 2013

- 15-23/06/13 : Photo exhibition "One with South Africa" by Boris Frantz showed at the Mc AthurGlenn Designer Outlet in Arlon/Messancy Belgium



- 10-16/12/2012 : Participation at the Christmas market in Luxembourg town (rue des Capucins - in front of the theater) from 10am to 6pm.

1don = 1 coupeKenako stand christmas market


- 16/10 au 14/12 : University of Luxembourg - Photo exhibition "One with South Africa - The townships". Invitation of M. François Carbon, coordinator of espace culturels and member of the European Cultural Parliament. Opening ceremony 16/10/12 at 5pm. (Campus Limpertsberg > first floor > Hall du rectorat)

invitation opening

exhibition poster uni lux

University of Luxembourg


- 16/10/12 : Dinner - Concert at the restaurant Mesa Verde with Sascha Ley & Laurent Peyfert

in concert mesa verde


7/10/2012 : Participation at "Konscht am Gronn" (Art exhibition) at the Abbaye de Neumünster Luxembourg-Grund > Hall Agora from 10am - 6pm. 39 participants.

Konscht am Gronn


17/09 au 14/10/2012 : Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg, Luxembourg - Photo exhibition "One with South Africa - Animal Part" by Boris Frantz.

Exposition Parc Merveilleux


PHOTO EXHIBITION "ONE WITH SOUTH AFRICA" at the shopping Center "La Belle Etoile" in Bertrange, Luxembourg

The photographic exhibition "One with South Africa" by Boris Frantz is again on show at the shopping Center "La Belle Etoile" from the 29/°3 till the 7/04
Openig hours : thursday 29/03 to saturday 7/04 from 10 am till 8 pm (friday's till 9 pm - closed on sundays)

Join us for the opening reception on Thursday 29 march (6:00pm)

Special thanks to Boris Frantz for supporting KeNako's project "West Riding" in Table View. (for more info please click here)

Many thanks to our official sponsors too :

La Belle Etoile, Bertrange - Luxembourg
Indaba Shop, Mondercange - Luxembourg
La Palette de Perles, Aix-en-Provence - France
Dope, Fresh & Classic, Toulouse - France
Aviva Volunteering, Cape Town - South Africa



Gallery "Millen", Beckerich (Luxembourg) 19/11-4/12 2011

Join us for the opening reception on Friday 18 November (6:30pm)

The "TELECRAN" magazine article (most read in Luxembourg) gives you a preview on 6 pages

 Expo Beckerich


Kenako project  Kenako project